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Taking payments through Super is free - we don't charge you a penny. Because we're a payment solution that wants your business to grow.

Making payments free of charge

Unlike other existing payment solution providers, who typically charge between 1-5% for every transaction they process, at Super our payment solution is completely free to use.

Typical cost per transaction
1 - 5%Other payment providers
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Only pay us if we increase your sales

We know acquiring customers online is hard and expensive, typically costing 15-30% through the traditional digital channels. Super offers a fairer way to acquire customers and increase sales.

You tell us how much commission you want to pay. We drive extra customers to you from our app. We pass some commission to the customer as cashback and keep some for ourselves.

Typical acquisition costs
15 - 30%Other acquisition platforms
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Free payments - How it works


Create your Super account in under 2 minutes. Install the Super widget onto your checkout with only a few clicks.


A seamless checkout experience reduces customer drop off. There's zero data entry, and zero multi device confirmation; just clean, simple shopping.


Increase average order value by offering instant cashback. You have complete control over how much you want to give back, and the choice to opt out.

Customer acquisition - How it works


We drive new and regular customers to you through the Super app. It's designed to give customers the best shopping experience and cashback offers from brands big and small.


You don't pay commission for clicks and impressions - only for the sales that we've sent you. You stay in control of your campaign and commissions, always.


After the sale, we share the commission you’ve set with the customer and take a part as our fee. You pay less per sale than traditional payment providers, customers get faster cashback with every deal.

Super is led by former Founder and CEO of Funding Circle, Samir Desai CBE— raising £22.5m in one of the largest ever pre-seed funding rounds in Europe.

We’re backed by leading VCs Accel, Union Square Ventures and Localglobe—the people behind Facebook, Spotify, Slack, Monzo, Stripe, Twitter, Transferwise, and Funding Circle.

Super easy integration

Integrating Super to your website is fast and simple, using widgets that suit your platform or our own API to integrate Super yourself.

Our widgets will be suitable for all major platforms including:






Salesforce Commerce Cloud



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